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Roarshock is a Mixed Media Artist.

Roarshock started drawing in 5th grade off and on. He would draw classmates while at school and realized they looked a lot like the person he drew. He started practicing drawing portraits of celebrities from magazine photos and CD covers. By 8th grade he started to play with ink and even made a comic book. By 10th grade he was drawing realistic pencil drawings and started web design and flash web animation. After high school he focused mainly on web design and drew mostly for web design graphics and a couple pieces a year for fun.

In 2009 he went back to college for graphic/web design and took some drawing classes for fun. He realized he had grown even better and started experimenting with new medias like Paint, Colored Pencils, color charcoals/pastels, Ink Wash and digital painting.

When mobile phones & tablets started to become more popular, websites were dumbed down a lot because they couldn't handle heavy animation or graphics. Websites lost all creativity so Roarshock dropped web design and wanted to get back to making Art. In 2013 he moved to Florida in the Disney College Program. During his year at Disney he drew over 100 drawings using various media and met his wife PunchyOne. Shortly after he left Disney he took a job as an Electrical Technician at a boat company where he currently works.

The last few years he likes to experiment with mixed media. Using Graphite, Ink, Colored Pencils and even sometimes Paint all in one piece. He is currently working on a kids book in his free time and has sculptures/plans for a stop-motion film. He takes breaks here and there to do a random pieces of art when he feels inspired to.

He currently has 100's of drawings in his archive yet to be seen.


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